Mayor's Office

Parking in downtown Berea has been an issue for some time. Customers and business owners say that finding a spot can be a challenge. People who are not shopping are often parking in spaces in front of businesses and restaurants and leaving vehicles there for long periods of time. 

 Effective Aug. 13 the City of Berea has put in place new traffic and parking regulations for the downtown area.  

 Student parking is prohibited in what we call the Downtown Business Parking District 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. That means students attending classes at Baldwin Wallace University or parking to access BW housing facilities cannot park in the designated downtown parking district. BW has student parking lots and provides shuttle service from those lots to classrooms. 

 Parking in downtown is limited to those wanting to access retail, commercial, office, food and beverage service, banking, personal services, health care services including but not limited to dental or vision appointments and special events. Those limits apply Monday-Friday. So if you want to attend a yoga class, get your hair done, buy a donut or deposit your paycheck in a bank, you’re OK. Parking downtown to go to a BW class or visit a residence hall is not OK. 

 The Downtown Business Parking District runs along Front Street from East Grand to the East Bridge, down South Rocky River Drive to just past the municipal complex, West Bridge and East Bridge from Henry Street to Seminary, and includes School Street, Church Street, part of Seminary and part of North Rocky River Drive plus four parking lots.  A map outlining the parking district is on page 3 in this issue of The Berean. 

 The City has hired a parking monitor to issue citations to violators. A parking violation is a minor misdemeanor. 

 Small businesses are the heart of this community. We want them to succeed and we want customers to be able to visit them easily and without hassles. We hope this new Downtown Business Parking District is part of the solution.