History of the Berea Police Department

For most of the 19th century law enforcement for the then Village of Berea was the responsibility of an elected marshal. A night “watchman” made his rounds looking for the occasional thief, or, more commonly, a wayward quarry worker having difficulty making it home from Hank Zutavern's saloon. Early Berea was a raucous town. In 1877 a local thief shot it out with Marshall Russell Freeman outside Justice of the Peace Watson’s office at the corner of Front and Bridge Street. 14 shots were fired, several of which scattered customers at Wild’s barber shop and damaged Neubrand’s shoe store.

Programs & Services Today

Berea today is a safe, diverse, progressive community offering unique opportunities for its people. The Berea Police Department offers residents a wide variety of services. With a complement of 30 full-time officers and support staff emphasis has been placed on developing community programs that promote a sense of safety and well being. Modern technology has been integrated into police operations but has not replaced the human element necessary for successful delivery of law enforcement services.

Programs such as motorcycle officers, Ride-a-long program, bicycle patrols, Emergency Response Team, auxiliary police, Youth Diversion Program and other initiatives offer residents the service they should expect from their law enforcement professionals. The Berea Police Department will continue to evolve and expand as it meets the needs and concerns of its citizens.