Citizens Academy

The Citizens Police Academy (CPA) is an interactive program between citizens and the police, designed to help citizens become more aware of their police department, regulations, and the Criminal Justice system. This program allows citizens and police officers to meet and interact in a positive and proactive setting to share ideas and information.

Purpose of the Academy

The purpose of this CPA is to facilitate a better understanding, through education, between citizens and police. This information will serve to dispel suspicions and misconceptions citizens may have. The academy will create a growing nucleus of responsible, well-informed citizens with the potential of influencing public opinion regarding police services. By giving our citizens insight into the world of safety services it is our sincere hope it will promote a greater partnership between us to reduce crime.  

Additionally, we hope this partnership will enable us to formally recruit volunteers to our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This partnership allows our safety forces and community members to have a shared interest in volunteering and helping the community they live and work in.  

Who attends the Citizens Police Academy?

Citizens 21 to 99+.  Whether you are an architect, banker, homemaker, student, retiree, teacher, neighborhood group, or other professional, all citizens should have a vested interest in our community. You are welcome to attend. 

What is the curriculum like?

It will be a 9 week course with interactive teaching methods that will provide much of the same information that can be found in a traditional basic police academy. However, students are not potential police officers. 

What does it cost?

The classes are held at no cost to the student!  

How do you apply?

Registration is open. Click on link below to complete application.

 Citizens Academy Application

Academy Rules

  • No children are permitted
  • Any person found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs of abuse will be removed from the program
  • No weapons are permitted inside the building, or during any outside exercise.
  • No more than 1 class may be missed in order to graduate.
  • Casual wear for class (khakis or jeans, no inappropriate language or logos)
  • Students will conduct themselves in a manner which will promote a positive image of the Berea Police Department.
  • Students who come under any criminal investigation during the program shall be removed from the program until the investigation is concluded.
  • No photo, audio, or videotaping is permitted in class without the permission of the instructor.
  • Issued identification tag must be worn at all times when on facility grounds

Police Academy 2022

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