Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Berea Engineering Department is to support and improve the health, safety and quality of life in the community by providing professional in house engineering services.  The City of Berea Engineering Department is committed to providing professional, responsive, and cost effective engineering services to the residents and other departments of the City of Berea.

Engineering Services

The City of Berea Engineering Department is responsible for the design and construction of all public improvement projects in the city. This includes work within public right-of-ways and on other city properties. The department also performs plan reviews, inspections, and approvals for improvements installed in new residential, commercial, and industrial developments. This includes ensuring that plans are in accordance with the city’s storm water regulations. Improvements include traffic plans, pavements, waterlines, sewers, grading, and other drainage structures.

The department maintains digital address, zoning, and infrastructure maps for the city. Traffic……


The Engineering Department staff is available to answer questions from the general public. Questions concerning public construction projects, private development project, drainage issues, underground utilities, and other technical subjects should be directed to the Engineering Department.

Columbia Gas

The City of Berea is in close contact with Columbia Gas construction leaders regarding lawn and tree lawn restoration complaints after gas line work in the Baker Street, Westbridge Drive, West Street, and Lindbergh Boulevard neighborhoods.  Their team is working on a comprehensive plan to address all concerns and will not depart the project area until impacted yards have been restored to their pre-construction quality.  In the meantime, please continue to water and mow as best you can.  This work will assist restoration crews and help to expedite the process.  Thanks for your continued patience and understanding.  

Please contact Ben Cutler if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding the Lindbergh/West or the Baker/Westbridge neighborhood gas main projects. 

Ben Cutler
External Affairs Specialist, Columbia Gas of Ohio
Phone: 216-215-4103

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