Forclosure and Abandoned Property


In 2009, Berea City Council passed legislation requiring Foreclosing Entities to register with the City any abandoned properties that are either in foreclosure or have been sold at a Sheriff’s Sale. 

This legislation was passed to protect residents from neighborhood decline, unattractive public nuisances, lower property values, and to discourage potential buyers from purchasing homes adjacent to, or in neighborhoods with vacant abandoned residences.

Please read the ordinances related to Foreclosure and Abandoned Properties.

Foreclosure Notification

In 2007, Berea City Council passed legislation requiring those filing a foreclosure complaint against residential property to notify the City of Berea of the filing of the foreclosure complaint. 

This notification shall be on a form created by the City and shall be accompanied by a fee. Those filing the foreclosure complaint shall also indicate whether the residential property is currently occupied. 

To file for foreclosure please fill out the Notification of Foreclosure Document and mail to the Building Department.

Abandoned Property Notification

If the residential property is not occupied, notice of who will maintain the residential property is also required. If the property is in foreclosure and is not occupied, it must also be registered as an Abandoned Property with the City of Berea.

To file for an abandoned property please fill out the Abandoned Property Registration Form and mail to the Building Department.