Shade Tree Commission

Next Meeting:

There is no meeting scheduled at this time.

The Shade Tree Commission is made up of:

  • Six Residents of the City
  • Director of Public Works
  • Two Members of Council


The Shade Tree Commission is responsible for developing, updating and maintaining a written plan for the care, preservation and planting of trees and shrubs in public places.  Council passed Ordinance 2022-29 on May 19, 2022, expanding the membership of the commission.

Tree Reimbursement Program

Tree Reimbursement Information available on the Service Department webpage.

Prohibited Trees:

Shade Tree members recently updated the list of trees that are prohibited as street trees, and Council passed Ordinance 2023-7 on February 21, 2023.

Prohibited Trees

  1. Service

    Physical Address
    11 Berea Commons
    Berea, Oh 44017