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Sightings of Coyotes in Berea

There have been several sightings of coyotes in the Longbrooke area. 

Here is some basic information about coyotes, courtesy of Berea Animal Control Officer Laura Rizk.

The coyote is generally a slender animal, very similar in appearance to a medium-sized dog and much smaller than a wolf, a species not currently found in Ohio. The majority of coyotes are gray, though some show rusty, brown or off-white coloration. It has a bushy tail which is usually tipped with black.

Coyotes are most active at dawn and dusk, but may be seen frequently throughout the day. However, when it is less threatened by man, it will hunt and move from place to place during the day. The coyote will hunt in unrelated (non-family) pairs or large groups. Coyotes are omnivorous and typical foods include small mammals (voles, shrews, rabbits, mice), vegetables, nuts, and carrion. Unchecked, they will eat livestock, particularly sheep and chickens. 

The coyote's strength is that it can adapt and exploit most any habitat to its advantage. While most wildlife species have avoided developed areas and often declined as a result of man's expansion, the coyote seems to have thrived.

The Ohio Department of Wildlife also provides advice if you see a coyote in your yard.

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