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A few facts about Lead and Berea Water

Berea water is safe to drink. Trace amounts of lead, copper and other metals occur naturally in water. The Environmental Protection Agency has set a lead content limit of 0.0155 milligrams per liter for drinking water. The Berea Water Department has tested the water at a home in Berea that a local news outlet previously reported as having high lead levels in the water. The Water Department tests, which were sent to an EPA sanctioned laboratory, show the home with a lead level of 0.0075 mg/l – well below the EPA limit. A similar test at the Berea Water Plant showed a barely detectable level of 0.0012 mg/l.

While lead in drinking water does not come from the treatment plant or water mains, it can come from old lead-lined plumbing or solder inside homes. The Berea Water Plant adds orthophosphate during the water purification process, as mandated by the EPA to prevent lead from leaching into the water supply.

Discolored Water:

In addition to flushing the fire hydrants, we will also flush water mains to remove any buildup of sediment which may have occurred over the past year. If you notice any discoloration, let your cold water run at the lowest point of your home for approximately 10 minutes. If  your water pressure has decreased after flushing, please remove and clean all screens and aerators in your faucets. Contact the Water  Plant if your water does not clear at 440-234-5652.

Annual Hydrant Flushing:

The City of Berea fire hydrant flushing program typically begins in mid April and lasts for approximately 30 working days. Fire hydrants are flushed between the hours of 11 p.m. till 7 a.m., Sunday thru Thursday. You may need to run your water for up to 10 minutes to flush the residue.

Signs will be posted at neighborhood entrances for notification of when flushing in your area will begin.

Water Line Breaks:

Contact the Service Garage if you suspect a water break. Service Department hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. For after hour emergencies, contact Police Dispatch at (440) 826-5870.

Water Quality or Meter Problems:

Report water quality issues and water meter problems to the Water Plant Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at  (440) 891-3308.

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Water Quality Report

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Sandra O. Vozar
P.E., Utility Engineer
440-826-5800, ext. 6225 

Ken Yee
Water Plant Superintendent
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For immediate attention 24/7, dial 234-5652, ext. 461

For concerns about water quality 24/7, dial 234-5652, ext. 226

To speak with the shift operator 24/7, dial 234-5652, ext. 225

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