Safe Senior Program- Lock Box and Smoke Detectors

The lockbox program will allow safe access to senior citizens in their homes during medical or other emergencies. The lockbox reduces the likelihood of property damage caused by first responders forcing entry into a home during an emergency. When an emergency call comes in, the Berea Police and Fire Divisions can call the dispatcher to find out the location of the lockbox, which can be unlocked by city safety personnel only.

Smoke detectors are available for households that do not currently have smoke detectors. Up to three smoke detectors can be installed depending on the household size. This program is intended for the safety of residents in hopes of preventing a loss of a life due to a fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the lockbox and smoke detector program?

Residents who are disabled or 60 years old or older and own and occupy their home.

How much does it cost?

If your total household income is $28,000 a year or less, the lockbox and smoke detectors are free. If you make over the income qualification, the cost of the lockbox is $25 and the cost of the smoke detectors would be about $13 each.

What is a lockbox?

A lockbox is a small metal box that is used to store items such as a house key and important medical information about the homeowner. The Berea Police and Fire Divisions will keep a master key that can open all the lockboxes in Berea.

Where will the lock box be installed?

The firefighters will determine the location when they arrive at your home. What if I already have smoke detectors? The purpose of this program is to install smoke detectors in homes that do not currently have them. If you feel as though your smoke detectors may need new batteries, the Fire Division can test them for you and replace batteries if needed.

How does the program work?

  • The eligible participant will complete a residential lockbox program application. The application will need your contact information as well as your medical conditions and emergency contact numbers.


  • Along with an application, you must turn in a proof of income if you make under $28,000 a year.


  • Once the application is approved, the Berea Fire Division will contact you to set up a time when they can meet with you to install the lockbox.


  • The participant will provide a spare house key to the Fire Division, which will determine where the best location is to install the lock box. Whom do I contact for an application or for more information about the program?


For an application, please click here.

If interested, please complete the application and return it to:
Attn: Megan Pochatek
Housing, Community and Senior Services
11 Berea Commons
Berea, Ohio 44017

For questions, please contact:

Megan Pochatek
Housing, Community and Senior Services Department
(440) 891-3316

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