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Water Billing

How can I make a payment?

To pay by mail:  Please use enclosed envelopes which are received with your bills, or address remittances to Berea City Hall, 11 Berea Commons, Berea, Ohio  44017 Attn:  Water Billing.  To pay in person: please come to Berea City Hall, 11 Berea Commons, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday - Friday, OR use our payment drop box located at City Hall (across from the police station entrance) which is accessible after hours and on weekends.  Please do not leave cash in the drop box. 

Why am I billed two sewer charges?

The sewer charge on your water bill is the City of Berea’s sewer system charge. This is used for maintaining and updating sewer lines within our city. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District bill is who the City of Berea uses to treat our waste water. These bills are based on your water consumption. 

Do you shut off water for non-payment?

We currently do not shut off for non-payment.  However, please note that once a year delinquent charges are removed from our billing system and certified to your property taxes with an additional 38% applied in interest and penalties. To avoid this, please keep payments up to date. 

How to detect if your home has a water leak

Contact Information:

Water Billing: 440-891-3308

  • Berea Water, Berea Sewer, or NEORSD billing
  • Final reads
  • Water turn on/turn off
  • Water meter service 

Water Plant: 440-234-5652

Police Dispatch - 440-826-5870

  • Water and sewer emergencies after business hours

Please note:  If applicable, verify the inside meter reading matches the outside reading device.  The inside reading should always match the outside reading.  Notify the water office immediately if they do not match.  In case of a discrepancy, the inside meter read will be used for billing. 



If your account has been estimated, please call to schedule a read to avoid large bills due to low estimates.  If the account has been overestimated and results in an adjustment, it will be applied as a credit to your account.  If you have questions regarding your bill, please inquire before a payment is made.  Refunds are not issued. 

Meter access:

Non-compliance of requests made to the customer by the water department to access our water meter for any reason may result in water service interruption and/or termination. 

Final readings:

If your property is changing ownership, you must call the water billing office to schedule a final reading before you  move.

Additional charges may apply for the following:  Meter test, service call after business hours, second trip for missed appointment, returned checks, frozen meter/water lines, turn on/turn off.

Failure to receive bill does not relieve customer of payment due.    
2016 status request form

Water Meter Replacement Program

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

NORSD Summer Sprinkling Program

Water/Sewer Billing


Dana Kavander

Director of Finance

After hour emergencies:

Police Department 440-826-5870


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