What should I do if I think that there is a house in my neighborhood where drugs are being sold?

Please contact the police department and report your suspicions. Information that you will be asked may include the days and times when the activity Is most prevalent; the description arid/or names of any resident of the house and the descriptions of any vehicles that they drive. It is not necessary for you to identify yourself, but It will be helpful if you do, so that the police officers can contact you with any additional questions that they have. Police officers do not release any information regarding people reporting drug violations to the suspects or include that information in any of their investigative reports. 

What do I do if I am involved in a traffic accident?

Remain at the scene and either use a cell phone to call the police or ask someone to call the police. Give an accurate location of where the accident occurred. It also helps us If you can advise whether anyone was injured or whether any hazardous conditions exist such as power lines down or fire. The more Information we have the better job we can do of ensuring that all emergency equipment needed Is dispatched immediately. 

What do I do it I witness a traffic accident?

Remain at the scene and the Investigating officer will Interview you when he/she arrives. 

What do I do if I am the victim of, or witness to, a hit and run accident?

Again, stay at the scene and try very hard to get a license number, vehicle description, and driver description for the hit and run vehicle. The license number is the most important aspect of the description. We caution you against chasing a hit and run vehicle, especially if your vehicle is damaged. 

What should I do if I witness a crime in progress?

Notify the police immediately. Try to be as accurate as possible by noting any vehicle descriptions and license numbers, suspects' descriptions and actions and descriptions of victims. If the victims or suspects leave the scene before the police arrive, note their direction and method of travel. 

What should I do if I am the victim of a crime?

If it is an emergency, call 911. Otherwise call 440-826-5870 to report the crime. The dispatcher will collect the necessary Information and assign an officer as needed. 

What should I do if I am stopped by the police for a traffic a violation?

Pull to the right shoulder of the road, place your vehicle in park, and turn off the Ignition. Remain In your vehicle with your hands on the steering wheel while the officer approaches unless the officer directs you to do otherwise Tell  your passengers to remain with their hands in plain view. Do not reach for the glove compartment or reach around inside the vehicle or on your person to retrieve your driver's license until you are directed to do so by the officer. Do not exit your vehicle at any time during the stop unless you are ordered to do so by the officer. 

I received a traffic citation. What are my options as far as taking care of the citation?

The officer wrote a court date and time at the bottom of the ticket You my appear at the Berea Clerk of Courts office any time before that date and pay your fine or you may appear in Court on that date and stand before the Magistrate to plead your case. 

Sometimes I see a squad car pass me with its emergency lights and siren going as if it is on an emergency run and then of all sudden the officer turns their emergency lights and siren off and slows down to normal speed. Was this officer on a legitimate emergency run? If so, why did they suddenly terminate the emergency run?

The officer was on an emergency run and was most likely advised to slow down or terminate their response by radio. The police department has strict regulations governing when an officer is allowed to operate the emergency lights, siren, and drive faster than the normal flow of traffic What happens many times is that an officer is dispatched on an emergency run and other officers arrive first and advise that other officers can slow down or terminate their response altogether. This is done to protect the safety of the motoring public. 

What type of calls would an officer use his/her emergency lights and siren?

Calls that are life threatening in nature such as personal injury traffic accidents, medical emergencies, fires, serious felony crimes in progress, calls where deadly weapons are involved and incidents where other officers are requesting emergency assistance. 

Does the Berea Police Department have a policy that governs vehicle pursuits?

We have a very strict policy that governs vehicle pursuits and weighs the benefits of apprehending offenders against our top concern, which is protecting public safety. Police officers are equipped with tire deflation devices that can be used to stop an offender's vehicle. These devices have proven valuable in protecting lives on several occasions involving pursuits that were initiated by other law enforcement agencies. 

What should I do If I have problem with a stray animal in my neighborhood?

You may call the police department and report the problem. We will respond any time of the day or night if the animal is aggressive or dangerous. It will be very helpful if you can tell us where the animal's owner lives so that we can speak with them concerning the problem and/or take enforcement action if needed. 

What should I do if a stray animal bites me?

Seek medical attention immediately if the injury is serious in nature. If a doctor treats you they are required by law to report the bite. Call the Police department as soon as possible to report the bite. Please try to give the investigating officer as much information as you can, including the animal's description and the name and address of the owner if it is known. 

I have an animal that I can no longer keep because it is causing problems in the home. Will the police department pick it up and take it to an animal shelter?

No. Your animals are your own responsibility to care of.  An option is to contact your veterinarian and see he/she can assist in finding a home for your pet. 

What is an OVI?

OVI is an acronym for Operating a Vehicle Impaired. Formerly known as DWI, DUI, OMVI, or drunk driving, the Ohio General Assembly changed the statute to OVI in January 2005 to more accurately reflect the actual scope of the offense since it doesn't necessarily require "driving" or that the "operation" be in a "motor vehicle."

What does "Physical Control" mean?

Ohio's Physical Control Statute, O.R.C. 4511.194, became effective on 1/1/05. Physical Control is similar to an Ohio OVI/Ohio DUI charge in that it deals with being in a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs of abuse with one exception, Physical Control does not require that the vehicle have ever been driven or even started.

The best example of a Physical Control violation is the person who staggers out of the tavern and decides to "sleep it off" in their vehicle. Often times what happens is the person starts the car, either to run the air conditioner or the heater, so the vehicle is actually running, then goes to sleep. However, one need not have the car running or even have the keys in the ignition in order to be in violation of O.R.C. 4511.194 - Physical Control. Under the statute, having the keys within reach will satisfy the definition of having "physical control." 

What are the parking regulations in Berea?

There is no permitted parking on the streets in the City of Berea between 3-6 a.m. There are signs posted stating as such on all major thorough fares into the city. Anyone parking on the streets between these restricted hours will receive a parking citation. These citations carry fines of $20 if paid in the first 72 hours, then $30 thereafter.

If an emergency or extenuating circumstance arises, you must call the Berea Police Department at 440-826-5870 and request emergency overnight parking. Your name, residential address where the car will be parked in front, license plate number, Make, Model, color, contact phone number, and reason for overnight parking must be given.

All parking citations received in the city may be mailed in the envelope attached or paid at the Berea Police department window. Two or more unpaid parking tickets will result in said vehicle plate number being placed on a "tow list". If the vehicle in violation is found on the city streets it will be towed and impounded until the citations have been settled.

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