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Visitation: JRP 6 ; This policy became effective on January 25, 2006. It is scheduled for review as needed. It is classified under Jail Rules & Procedures. You should refer to Ohio Administrative Code section 5120:1-10-07 for additional information. 


It is the policy of the Berea City Jail to allow visitation in order to reduce the anxiety associated with being incarcerated (especially for the first time), facilitate arrangements for release, and seek assistance from immediate family and attorneys in preparing a defense. It is the policy of the Berea City Jail that contact visits are not allowed. Under unusual circumstances, the shift officer in charge may permit a visitor other than immediate family. 


General: Each prisoner shall be allowed visitation rights governed by the jail rules and regulations. The Berea City Jail shall attempt to make visitation as convenient as possible for both the prisoner and visitor. 

Regular Visits:


Visiting hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 1600 to 1700 hours. Evening hours are Wednesday and Sunday from 2100 to 2200 hours. When circumstances prevent visits from occurring during visiting hours, special visits can be allowed at times and under conditions as approved by the jail administrator or the shift supervisor. Under unusual circumstances, a visitor may be allowed to see a prisoner at any time at the discretion of the shift supervisor.


Only one prisoner will be permitted in the visitation booth at a time. Immediate family, clergy, probation/parole officers and attorneys only.


Visitors will sign the visitation log at the front desk and must note the date, time, their name and the prisoner being visited, and length of visit. Each visitor shall be required to present proper identification to the jail officer. If any discrepancy exists with the identification, the shift supervisor will be summoned and shall make the final decision. 


Visits will take place in the order in which visitors have signed the log. 


Under normal circumstances, no visit will exceed fifteen (15) minutes. 


The jail officer on duty will escort both prisoners and visitors to and from the visitation booth. 


The jail officer will remain in the hallway during each visit, will time the visit, and will escort each prisoner back to the cell area. The prisoner will be searched before returning to the cell area.

Denial of Visits:

All denial of visits will be documented in the Jail Log.

The Jail Administrator may suspend visitation privileges when there are substantial reasons to justify limitations.

The shift supervisor may deny a visit if:

  • The visitor represents a clear and present danger to security;
  • The visitor is disruptive or dangerous;
  • The visitor has a recent history of disruptive behavior at the jail;
  • The visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • The visitor refuses to be subject to a search or show proper identification when requested; or
  • The prisoner refuses the visit. Any such denial will be documented by the officer with the notation in the Jail Log.
  • When the condition that causes the denial of visitation no longer exists, visitation privileges will be restored.
  • Visits by Attorneys, Clergy, Probation Officers, Parole Officers, or other Officials.
  • Upon presentation of valid identification, judges of courts within the county, probation officers, members of the Grand Jury, the Prosecuting Attorney or his staff, staff of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, the Ohio Parole Board and its representatives, peace officers from Ohio law enforcement agencies, clergy, and the attorney of record will be allowed to visit with a prisoner at any reasonable time during daytime and evening hours. Such visits may be delayed if the staff is busy with other assigned duties.

Special Visits

Family of prisoners may be allowed to visit at times other than regular visiting hours if procedures set forth below are observed. 


The following circumstances will be taken into account by the jail officer on duty in deciding whether to grant a visit at times other than the regularly scheduled visiting times:

  • The visitors have traveled more than 100 miles and were unaware of or legitimately unable to comply with the regular visiting schedule; or
  • An event of personal significance has occurred for the prisoner (e.g., death of a spouse, sibling, or parent) and the visit may help to reduce the ill effects of the event on the prisoner.


Special visits will take place in the visitation booth and will be limited to thirty (30) minutes.


The special visit will be supervised in accordance with regular visitation procedures. 

Visitation Booth

  • The visitation booth will be used for all visitations.
  • The visitor will be escorted to the visitation booth first and seated inside the visitor's portion of the booth.
  • The prisoner will be escorted to the visitation booth and placed in the prisoner's side. The door on the prisoner's side will be securely closed while the prisoner is inside.Officers are permitted to observe but not listen to the visit.

Permitted Items/Property

  • Reading/writing material
  • Magazines, books, newspaper, etc are permitted for all prisoners.
  • No writing instruments are permitted.
  • Radios, TV'S Permitted only to those individuals serving commitments- must be battery powered.
  • Food - No food from outside shall be accepted. Fast food (McDonalds, Burger King etc.) is NOT permitted.
  • Clothing
  • Changes of clothes may be received. The clothing is to be closely checked for articles that are not permitted in the facility. The clothing articles are to be either given to the prisoner or placed in the individual property locker by the officer receiving the articles and they are to be noted on the booking slip as property received.


The above duties and restrictions are expected to be followed on a general basis. Those prisoners who have demonstrated their ability not to abuse any privileges may, at the OICs discretion, be permitted a degree of variance from strict enforcement. They may be permitted to make extra phone calls, etc.. These privileges may be withdrawn at any time the prisoner demonstrates an abuse of the privileges  

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