Planning Commission Variances

What is a variance?

A variance is a modification of the strict terms of the regulations of the Zoning Code. A variance may only be granted by the Planning Commission. 

What do I need to do to have Planning Commission consider my variance request?

In order to appear before the Planning Commission for approval of your driveway widening, you must submit 12 copies of the following items: an Application to Appear before the Planning Commission; a hardship letter, a site plan; and photos of the existing site. You must also submit a check for $50 for residential variances and $75 for variances for all other properties made payable to the City of Berea. 

Why do I need to submit 12 copies?

The 12 copies are distributed to the 7 members of the Planning Commission, the Mayor, the Zoning Administrator, the City Engineer, the Director of Public Service and the Director of Public Safety. 

If Planning Commission approves my variance request, when can I start construction?

Once a variance has been approved by the Planning Commission, there is a 20‐day waiting period before a building permit may be issued to you.


The Planning Commission meets at 7:30 p.m. within the City on the first and third Thursday of each month. Meetings are held in Council Chambers and open to the public.

Planning Commission Secretary

Alycia Vale
11 Berea Commoms
Berea, Ohio 44017

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