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Mayor Cyril Kleem

The City’s water meter replacement program began in June. More than 4,000 meters will be replaced by the end of the year. I would like to thank the nearly 700 homeowners who have completed the process by calling NECO, the contractor installing the new meters, and making the necessary installation appointments.

The installations are being done by neighborhoods. We started with 262 homes in the Sunset – Lindberg – Abbyshire area. Then crews moved to the Longbrooke neighborhood, which has 623 accounts.  Letters from NECO requesting appointments were recently sent to 900 homes and businesses in the North End.

Residents are reminded that converting to the high tech meters and the accompanying meter transmitting units is not optional. The meters will send water usage data daily to the Water Department, resulting in more accurate readings and the ability to detect water leakage issues almost immediately. Everyone needs to be on board for the system to work effectively.

If residents do not respond to the first letter from NECO, a second reminder letter will be sent. If there is no response, a door hanger will be left at the home with a request that an appointment be made within a week or water shutoff notices will be sent.

Only those meters installed prior to 2006 are being replaced. Some homes received new meters in 2006. Those meters are not being replaced. If you have received a letter from NECO and if you have not already done so, please call NECO toll-free at (800) 624-6975. You also may visit the NECO web site at where you can fill out a form requesting an appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may call Sandra Vozar, the city’s utility engineer, at (440) 234-5652 ext. 6225 or email her at

Mayor Cyril Kleem
Berea City Hall
11 Berea Commons
Berea, Ohio 44017

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