Frequently Asked Questions about Exterior Changes to a Property

Where is the Town Center District?

The Town Center District is defined by “Bagley Road to the North, Eastland Road to the East, Prospect Road and Henry Street to the West and South Rocky River Drive south to the City limits, and all properties that lie along, within, or are immediately adjacent to these boundaries.” 

What is considered a change to a property in the Town Center District?

Change means any alteration, demolition, removal or construction. In addition a change is any new construction. A change does not include the ordinary maintenance or repair when no change in material, design, texture or outer appearance is involved. 

What do I need to do to appear before the Heritage Architectural Review Board?

In order to appear before the Heritage Architectural Review Board, you must submit 12 copies of the following items:
  • Application to Appear before the Heritage Architectural Review Board;
  • Drawings of the proposed change;
  • Letter of intent;
  • Site/plot plan;
  • Photos of the existing site; and
  • Material and color samples (may be submitted in advance or brought to the meeting)
  • Submit a fee of $35 

Photographs of the surrounding properties are also encouraged.

Because the deadline for submittal of materials is approximately two weeks prior to each meeting, it is important to plan ahead. For more information contact the Building and Engineering Department at 440‐826‐5812. 

Why do I need to submit 12 copies?

The 12 copies are distributed to the 7 members of the Heritage Architectural Review Board, the Mayor, the Zoning Administrator, the City Engineer, the Director of Public Service and the Director of Public Safety.

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