1. How many dogs is a resident permitted to keep on their premises?
  2. I want to put a fence up on my property. What are the city's regulations pertaining to height and location? 
  3. Political signs during the elections. 

How many dogs is a resident permitted to keep on their premises?

CHAPTER 905 Animals - SECTION 905.05

(h) No person shall do any of the following:
(1) Own, keep or harbor more than three dogs, excepting puppies under three months old, in or on the premises of any dwelling unit within the City, unless the zoning lot upon which the dogs are kept have a minimum area of 4,000 square feet for each dog kept on such zoning lot regardless of the number of persons keeping or harboring dogs on such lot.
(2) Regularly keep or harbor more than two dogs outside of a fully enclosed structure between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
(3) Regularly keep or harbor one or more puppies under age three months outside of a dwelling unit.
(i) A violation of any provision of this section shall constitute a nuisance, and in addition to any penalty provided by Section 905.99 for such a violation, the nuisance may be abated in the manner provided in the Ohio Revised Code or Chapter 931. (Ord. 90-158. Passed 9-17-90.)

I want to put a fence on my property, what are the City's regulations for height and location?

The following section can be found in the City of Berea's Zoning Code: Lot and Yard Regulations for Dwellings in Residential Districts SECTION 203. 13 : WALL AND FENCE REGULATIONS

The following regulations are established for all walls and fences to assure the necessary privacy and protection for residential property and to assure that walls and fences do not infringe on neighboring property:
(a) Walls or fences located in a required front yard in an R-SP-A District and/or R-SF-B District shall have a maximum height of four (4) feet, except when located on zoning lots abutting Bagley Road, Front Street, Prospect Street, Henry Street, Mulberry Street and Rocky River Drive north of Bagley Road, or when incorporated in a buffer screening plan for a conditional use as required in Section 501.3 of this Code.
(b) Walls or fences approved as conditional use for a front yard of a zoning lot in an R-T, MF-MD, MF-HD and R-0 District, in accordance with the administrative provisions of Article VIII, may have a maximum height of six (6) feet.
(c) Walls and fences located in a rear or side yard shall have a maximum height of six (6) feet. If any such wall is located within five feet of a lot line, it shall have uniform open area of at -east twenty-five percent (25%). (Ord. 1979-175. Passed 10-29-79.)
(d) Walls and fences shall be designed and constructed in such fashion that the finished side of such wall or fence faces to the exterior of the lot. (Ord. 1996-35. Passed 6-17-96.)

The following section can be found in the City's zoning code pertaining to political signs:


On any lot within an R-SF-A, R-SF-B, R-T, MF-MD or MF-HD zoning District, no sign shall hereafter be placed, erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered, moved or permitted to remain, except:
(e) A single, non-illuminated "political sign" not exceeding three hundred eight (308) square inches exposed (14" x 22") per side, and having not more than two (2) exposed sides. (Ord. 1995-81. Passed 12-4-95)

SECTION 605.11

Political signs may be placed or erected only on private property, no earlier than thirty (30) days prior to the date of an election to which they pertain, and shall be removed by the owner of such property within three (3) days after the date of the election to which they pertain.

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