City Council

Notes to the Public

Public Participation

The public is encouraged to participate in Council meetings. When Council comes to agenda Item 9, presentation of matters by the public, anyone may address Council by seeking recognition from the chair and identifying themselves by giving their name and address. Council asks that you use the microphone in the center of the room in order that your remarks can be heard by our listening and viewing audience. Please direct your remarks to the chair.

When Council moves to Item 11, legislation, anyone may again address Council using the same procedures, but during this period remarks must be relevant only to the legislation on the floor. 

Explanation of Council Procedures

Meeting Schedule

According to the City Charter, Council shall meet on the first and third Mondays of each calendar month. If the regular meeting shall fall on a legal holiday, then such regular meeting shall be held on the day following. In addition, Council may meet in either special or emergency meetings, using notification procedures specified in the Charter. 

2018 Meeting Schedule

First, Second and Third Readings

The Charter requires that legislation introduced in Council must normally appear on the agenda for three meetings. The first two readings are for initial discussion and possible referral to committee. Items on third reading may be voted on at that meeting. 

Suspension of Rules

If 6 or more Council members vote for suspension, legislation on the agenda for first or second reading may be voted upon immediately. 

Declaring an Emergency

Legislation containing this language allows Council to vote to waive the 30-day waiting period following the Mayor's signing before the ordinance becomes effective. A favorable vote of 5 or more Council persons is needed for passage under this provision.

Your attendance in future meetings will be welcomed.

The following is a list of 2018 committees and their Chairpersons:

Building and Zoning
Gene Zacharyasz, Chair
All Council Members
Mary K. Brown, Chair
All Council Members
Economic Development
Margarette Key, Chair
All Council Members
Facilities & Court
Nick Haschka, Chair
Jim Maxwell, Alt. Chair
All Council Members
Jim Maxwell, Chair
All Council Members
Public Safety & Service
Bill DeVito, Chair
All Council Members
Senior &
Community Services
Cheryl A. Banaszak, Chair
All Council Members
Rick Skoczen, Chair
All Council Members

2018-2020 City Council Representation
 Southwest Health Care System  Cheryl A. Banaszak
 Berea Shade Tree Commission Rick Skoczen
Gene Zacharyasz 
 Woodvale Union Cemetery Board of Trustee Jim Maxwell
 Southwest Suburban Council Of Governments Bill DeVito
Nick Haschka (Alternate)
 Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council Margarette S. Key and
Nick Haschka

The Council Committees convene at our Work Sessions, which are held on the second Monday of each month.  In depth discussions concerning current and pending legislation typically take place at Work Sessions.  These meetings are open to the public, informal, and not televised.

Mary K. Brown
President of Council
Gene Zacharyasz
Bill DeVito
Margarette S. Key
Ward 1 Councilwoman
       Rick Skoczen 
Nick Haschka
Ward 2 Councilman
Jim Maxwell
Ward 3 Councilman
Cheryl A. Banaszak
Ward 4 Councilwoman
Rick Skoczen
Ward 5 Councilman

President of Council
Mary K. Brown

Council At Large
Bill Devito

Council At Large
Gene Zacharyasz

Ward 1
Councilwoman, Margarette S. Key

Ward 2
Councilman, Nick Haschka

Ward 3
Councilman, Jim Maxwell

Ward 4
Councilwoman, Cheryl A. Banaszak

Ward 5
Councilman, Rick Skoczen 

Clerk of Council
Alycia Esson

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