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Berea Water is Safe to Drink

Berea water is safe to drink. Trace amounts of lead, copper and other metals occur naturally in water. The Environmental Protection Agency has set a lead content limit of 0.0155 milligrams per liter for drinking water. The Berea Water Department has tested the water at a home in Berea that a local news outlet previously reported as having high lead levels in the water. The Water Department tests, which were sent to an EPA sanctioned laboratory, show the home with a lead level of 0.0075 mg/l – well below the EPA limit. A similar test at the Berea Water Plant showed a barely detectable level of 0.0012 mg/l.

While lead in drinking water does not come from the treatment plant or water mains, it can come from old lead-lined plumbing or solder inside homes. The Berea Water Plant adds orthophosphate during the water purification process, as mandated by the EPA to prevent lead from leaching into the water supply.
If homeowners are concerned, they can request that their houses be tested. Contact the Berea Water Plant at (440) 234-5652.

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