Public Records

Our city government belongs to the citizens of the City of Berea, Ohio.  We conduct our government activities in the open, and we are proud of our strong commitment to this important principle of democracy.

In accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act, the City of Berea has a Berea Public Records Policy which can be located here. No specific language is required to make a request for public records, although the request should be made with such specificity and sufficient clarity to all in order for the office to identify, retrieve, and review the records requested.  

Requests do not have to be in writing, and the person making the request does not have to be identified.  Written requests, however, provide clarity that verbal requests might lack.  

Requests for records can be made directly online at our City of Berea Public Records portal, in person at the City Hall Building Department counter, or by telephone during regular business hours. Requests may also be submitted by regular mail.  This form may be printed, completed and used for the request, if you desire.  Please direct any inquiries to:

City of Berea, ATTN: Danielle Fekete Swisher, 11 Berea Commons, Berea, OH  44017     Phone: 440-234-6035  

The cost of printed copies is 5 cents a page for requests over 20 pages.  If copies are placed on a flash drive, the cost of the copies is the cost of the flash drive.  There is no charge for email copies or in-person inspection.  Please keep in mind that some documents are too large to send via email.  You may be charged for postage or any other delivery cost. Payment may be required prior to processing the request.  


Please note that requests for the Berea Municipal Court need to made directly to the court as the City of Berea is not the record keeper of those court records. The cost schedule for Court record requests, as signed by Judge Comstock, is 10 cents per page copy with a $1.00 minimum charge.  If records requested are stored offsite, there is a $25.00 retrieval fee to be paid prior to the Court requesting the file from the offsite storage location.  Please contact Al Budney, Chief Deputy Clerk, at 440.826.5861 or

If you have questions regarding access to City of Berea public records or our Public Records Policy, please contact Danielle Fekete Swisher.

  1. Danielle Fekete Swisher

    Asst. Director of Law/ Prosecutor - Olmsted Twp