Working Here

Berea has pursued a focused program of targeted economic development in the retail, restaurant, service, office and industrial sectors.  As a result, Berea is home to numerous dynamic commercial and industrial areas.  Come to Berea for shopping, services and dining in Downtown Berea, University Market, Helwig Whistle Stop and Berea’s North End.  Manufacturers, suppliers and industrial businesses continue to expand and locate in the Rocco J. Colonna Industrial Park.

Downtown Berea

Downtown Berea is our version of Main Street USA..  Located at the intersection of the Baldwin Wallace University (BW) campus, Cleveland Metroparks, Local Government, parks and many historic neighborhoods, Downtown Berea has something for everyone.  Some of the finest locally owned retail shops, restaurants, and service businesses in Northeast Ohio line the streets of Downtown Berea.  While there is free parking on the street or in multiple city parking lots, many people prefer the ambiance of walking between destinations.  Whether you want to grab a bite to eat, get your hair done, pick up your morning coffee, see a concert at Kulas Hall, splash in the fountain at McKelvey Park, drop in for a yoga class or just enjoy the area … Downtown Berea has just what you need.    

University Market

Located within Downtown Berea is a mixed-use concept like no other.  The University Market combines 16,000 square feet of first floor commercial businesses with 80 dormitory rooms for BW on the upper floors.  A highlight of this project is that the BW Bookstore will be relocating from the inner core of campus to the University Market.  Students and visitors alike have a convenient destination to shop, eat and relax.

Helwig Whistle Stop

Another exciting mixed-use development is the Helwig Whistle Stop which is located just past the West Bagley Road Railroad Underpass.  Designed with retro-urbanism look and feel, the Helwig Whistle Stop is home to retail businesses, offices, restaurants and the arts.  The first floor is anchored by two outstanding locally owned and operated restaurants in the end units.  An optometrist, quiltery and hair salon complete the first floor offerings.  A large dance, theater, gymnastics and related arts academy instructions children and adults on the second floor.  There are also medical, legal, engineering, film production, insurance and related business offices on the second floor as well.

West Valley, Berea,Williams Port and Bagley Plazas

The hustle and bustle of West Bagley Road provides near limitless retail, restaurant and service options.  Spread between three major plazas, visitors can find sit-down restaurants, fast casual dining, grocery store, retail shopping, video game store, auto parts store, banking, hair salons, tax preparation, financial services, cellular telephone sales, medical, dental, optometry and more.

North End Redevelopment

The North End is in the midst of an exciting new reemergence.  From the 1960s through the early 2000s, this area was one of the major auto miles on the West Side of Cleveland.  Now that the automobile sales model has shifted to mega-dealership at highway interchanges, the North End is the process of a well-deserved make over.  The City of Berea has purchased 11.6 acres of land in the North End and is working with a developer on a significant commercial revitalization.

Rocco J. Colonna Industrial Park

While Berea feels like a small town, people are sometimes surprised by the global impact made by our “local” business.  Many businesses in the industrial park are leaders and innovators in their respective fields.  From manufacturing, logistics, and auto parts to research, development and food production, Berea businesses touch each corner of the world.

The industrial park's access to interstate highways and major automotive manufacturers makes it an ideal place for light industrial operations. Joining the professional offices and service businesses already in place, restaurants and other non-manufacturing businesses are beginning to build and relocate here now to take advantage of the ample work force available.