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Every year, the State of Ohio requires that cities, towns and other governmental agencies have their finances audited. The City of Berea’s 2020 Financial Audit was just completed and we passed with flying colors.

The auditors stated "The City's financial statements are free from material misstatement…the results of our tests disclosed no instances of noncompliance." In other words, the City of Berea has a "clean" audit report. We are operating in a way that is transparent in our financial record-keeping and how we report those records.

Additionally, the City of Berea is compliant in meeting the best practices standards for public records. Meaning, the City meets the best standards in the way we keep public records, train our employees on public records, and follow through on public records requests from the public.

Our financial records and public records meet the highest standards of transparency. 

In April, the Finance Department received the State of Ohio’s Award of Distinction from state auditor Keith Faber. The award was sent to Berea Finance Director Andrea Morris for excellence in financial reporting “related to your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for 2019.” The citation goes on to state, “Your exemplary reporting serves as the standard for clean, accountable government, representing the highest level of service.”

We are very proud of our consistent record of excellence in the Finance Department. You can be assured that City Hall is a careful watchdog of your tax dollars.


Mayor Cyril Kleem
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