Grass Cutting, Leaf Raking, & Snow Removal


Berea is one of the few communities that continues to offer grass cutting, leaf raking and snow removal services. These programs are available to income-eligible senior and disabled residents who meet all qualifications. You must:

  • Be a senior citizen (60 years or older) or disabled
  • Gross $33,820 a year or less for a household of one (1) and up to $42,660 for a household of two (2) occupants. 
  • Must provide proof of income for every individual in the home
  • Not reside with an able-bodied individual
  • Own and occupy the home in Berea

Grass Cutting

  • This portion of the program runs for 14 consecutive weeks from about mid-May to mid-August. If your lawn needs to be cut before or after this program that is your responsibility. 
  • Make sure your yard is ready for cutting - i.e. dog droppings and miscellaneous branches should be cleaned up
  • Your backyard must be accessible - i.e. any gates should be unlocked and animals should be brought inside. 

Leaf Raking

  • This is a one time service where volunteers are assigned yards to rake in the month of November. We will call to let you know what day to expect these volunteers.
  • This does not include raking leaves from flower beds or under bushes
  • Leaves will be brought to the curb for the city to pick up

Snow Removal

  • When the snow has accumulated to 3 inches or more and has stopped snowing we will plow your driveway. It will not be first thing in the morning, but more likely afternoon or evening, possibly the following day depending on the timing and severity of the event. 
  • We do not shovel sidewalks or walkways.